May 27, 2024
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Peter Lichaa, Bartier Perry

Peter Lichaa, Bartier Perry

Peter began his legal career working for NSW Police, where he managed a high volume of workers compensation and employment related claims. Since then he has built over a decade’s worth of experience providing strategic insurance litigation advice.

Peter’s strong focus on customer service has earned him a reputation for common sense, reliability and professionalism. His depth of experience in workers compensation provides him with the knowledge to work towards the best possible outcome, including in the most complex and sensitive disputes.

What Peter’s clients say

“Peter is very practical in his advice, overlaying his legal knowledge with an appropriate level of common sense. He clearly puts much thought and consideration into his advices, often setting out options available to the Company, but being confident enough in his views to put forward the preferred path. He has a pleasant manner about him, is friendly and always approachable. He is prepared to take questions without notice often on complex and urgent issues.” - Lyal Hammond, Health & Wellness Manager, BlueScope


  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/Bachelor of Laws (Western Sydney University)

  • Law Society of NSW

  • Australian Insurance Lawyers Association

A word from Peter

"I am proud of establishing and managing a high volume workers compensation litigation practice that’s been built on delivering strategic, practical and high quality advice. I am particularly grateful to be able to handle complex and sensitive claims for psychological injury made by police officers. Managing this portfolio means I have developed strong relationships with both NSW Police and its workers compensation insurer. Through such relationships I now have a comprehensive understanding of police operations and can use it to provide timely and succinct advice to meet the specific requirements of NSW Police and have been able to help produce significant savings for them."

Career highlights

  • Successfully defending claims for lump sum compensation for psychological injury on account of cumulative exposure to traumatic events over a policing career. This has resulted, at times, in AMS assessments below the relevant threshold to establish any entitlement.

  • Successfully defending workers compensation claims for psychological injuries based on alleged bullying, harassment, intimidation or mistreatment.

  • Successfully managing claims for psychological-based work injury damages claims so that they could be resolved for a compromised value.    

  • Providing strategic advice on complex and sensitive claims for workers compensation and work injury damages, particularly claims where an injury is alleged to have been caused by unfair and unreasonable employer action, misbehaviour and bullying and harassment and interpersonal conflict within the working environment.

  • Being recognised as a leading Workers Compensation Lawyer in 2018 by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession

Specific areas of focus

Managing complex claims

Providing strategic advice to help assemble and manage evidence when disputing and resolving complex workers compensation and work injury damages claims. This includes claims involving psychological injury caused by cumulative exposure to trauma or bullying and harassment and claims involving physical injury caused by employer negligence.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Representing clients at teleconferences, conciliation-arbitration hearings and mediations for workers compensation claims and work injury damages at the Workers Compensation Commission, Dust Diseases Tribunal and in the District and Supreme Courts.

Technical workers compensation advice

Extensive knowledge and understanding of workers compensation legislative framework. This includes providing educational seminars and training for self-insurers and scheme agents on developing effective claims management strategies.

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