December 10, 2023
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Phillips Family Law

Phillips Family Law

Family relationships can be complicated and nuanced.

It makes sense to have people on your team whose sole focus and expertise is Family Law.

Under the stewardship of Tony Phillips, one of Queensland’s most experienced, skilled and respected Family Law Specialists and Leading Queensland Family Lawyer, Fiona Caulley, we have helped thousands of people successfully navigate what you are facing right now.

We see it as a privilege for people to put their trust in us to advise and guide them through a relationship breakdown or the nuances of the family relationship issues they may be facing.

Our people are our greatest asset. Our team empathetically and
sensitively respond to the gravity of your current situation, helping to allay your concerns.

We have been consistently acknowledged by our industry and peers for our excellence in family law.

Our role is to assist you to navigate these issues as quickly, professionally and painlessly as possible, so you can see light at the end of the tunnel and move forward with clarity. We do this by advising and educating you about your rights, how the legal system works and the processes available to resolve disputes, wherever possible.

Our focus is to find mutually beneficial big picture and commercial outcomes and solutions for you – taking into account both the legal and real-world outcomes. By explaining your options and assessing the best strategy for you, you can make informed decisions and move forward to achieve the best outcome for you – in keeping with your needs.

We can help you answer questions which may be keeping you up at night, bring greater clarity to your situation and successfully navigate the issues you are facing right now. We invite you to contact us have a confidential discussion with Tony, Fiona or one of our experienced lawyers.

(+61) 7 3007 9898
Level 2, King George Central, 145 Ann Street Brisbane QLD, Australia 4000
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