March 4, 2024
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Selena James, Senior Associate, Hartley Healy Family Law Specialists

Selena James has 19 years experience working the legal industry, 13 of these years practicing in Family Law.  Selena has practiced in both Queensland and Western Australia.  Selena has expertise in all areas of family law including property settlements, parenting arrangements, Financial Agreements (pre and post nuptial), child support, domestic violence and divorce.    She has a particular interest in mediation and negotiation having undertaken her LEADR mediation training in 2012, using these skills and insights to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients with a preference to only use court proceedings as a last resort.  Selena will provide you with empathetic but practical and realistic advice about your family law issues.  

Selena realizes there is more to family law than simply a legal problem.   There are real people and often children behind every problem and each client and their family is unique and impacted by their family law problem in different ways.   Selena’s aim is to work with her client’s to develop a strategy to progress their family law matters in an efficient and cost effective way, to collaborate with other professionals (where necessary) to minimize the issues in dispute and direct the separation and settlement process with a view to reducing the stress and impact on separated families.     When court does become necessary, Selena will ensure that you, as a client, are well supported, prepared and guided through the experience.     She will explain in plain English the process and next steps at each stage of your matter.

What Selena enjoys most about working in Family Law is helping people through what can be one of the most stressful and sometimes traumatic experiences in their lives.  The most rewarding part about working in family law is seeing a client post settlement feeling empowered and hopeful about their future following their separation.

07 3220 1299
Level 2, 383 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane
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