April 25, 2024
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Sheree Orbell, Orbell Family Lawyers

Sheree Orbell, Orbell Family Lawyers

As the director and founder of Orbell Family Lawyers, Sheree Orbell (nee Housego) is privileged to lead a passionate team of family law professionals. Sheree appreciates the significant challenges faced by separating couples and provides compassionate and personalised assistance to her clients during their separation journey, so they have certainty and can move on with their lives. 

Before founding Orbell Family Lawyers, Sheree was a Partner specialising in family law at a well-renowned law firm in Sydney CBD.  With specialist experience in complex property transactions, international family law, relocation, and domestic violence, Sheree has successfully represented numerous high-profile clients. Her extensive network of associates includes the country’s top barristers, mediators, and arbitrators, enhancing her family law practice at Orbell Family Lawyers.

With a genuine enthusiasm for helping people preserve family relationships and ensure the well-being of children, Sheree’s focus is on supporting her clients through their separation, while maintaining a healthy co-parenting dynamic, whenever possible. Sheree’s empathetic and sensible approach to extremely difficult and often emotional matters, helps her achieve positive outcomes for her clients and their families.

Having helped separated couples navigate their complex family law matters for over 15 years, Sheree offers comprehensive advice on all areas of family law, including parenting and children’s issues, divorce, financial agreements, de facto relationships, property settlements, spouse maintenance, and child support. Sheree has a keen interest and a wealth of experience in assisting many of her clients with complicated family law matters including complex business and trust structures, large asset pools, intergenerational asset structures, contested international family law matters and complex parenting matters with domestic violence and risk factors.

With a commitment to a balanced approach as a business owner, lawyer, and parent, Sheree understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and prioritises the well-being of her clients and their families.

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