November 30, 2023
Doyle's Guide

Steven Lamont, Diamond Conway

Steven Lamont joined the Diamond Conway team in August 2014, and has practised family law for more than twenty years.

He holds qualifications including:

  • A graduate degree in law and a post-graduate Diploma in Family Law;
  • Law Society of NSW Specialist Accreditation in Family Law;
  • A commerce/accounting degree (with merit) and associate membership of the Australian Society of CPAs;
  • National RMAB accreditation as a mediator; and
  • advanced collaborative law training and membership of local and international collaborative practice bodies.

Steven believes that it is his job to help clients resolve family law matters efficiently and cost-effectively in a way that preserves relationships as much as is possible. He also believes that, if you know what you’re doing and are willing to learn from the mistakes of others, family law does not need to be as difficult, as time-consuming, as stressful, as expensive or as destructive of relationships as it too often is.

Outside the firm Steven has a keen interest in the preservation of rare and endangered plant species (especially ferns and fern allies) and is part of a strange group with members all over the world dedicated to looking after such plants.

(02) 9222 8000
Level 7, John Hunter Building
9 Hunter Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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New South Wales

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