June 20, 2024
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Thomas Rowan, Hallewell Law

Thomas Rowan, Hallewell Law

Thomas practises as a lawyer in Toowoomba, with the boutique disputes and litigation firm, Hallewell Law.

Thomas’s practise extends to all forms of litigation and dispute resolution (excluding personal injuries and family law), and includes corporate insolvency, shareholder and director disputes, building litigation, and estate litigation.

Thomas, along with Adrian Hallewell, are considered amongst the best litigation solicitors west of Brisbane.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Laws from QUT, Brisbane, as well as a Master of Laws (with a major in commercial litigation) from the College of Law, Sydney.

Thomas has practised almost exclusively in disputes and litigation since his admission as a lawyer in 2012.

Thomas has two children, a son and a daughter, and is the “World’s coolest dad” (and has the cap to prove it). He is very proud of his sister, Edwina Rowan, a Queensland Magistrate. Thomas’s brother, Dr Christian Rowan MP, is also a well respected Queensland politician and doctor.


(07) 4638 1455
Ground Level, Saba House,
469 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba,
QLD, 4350
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