June 23, 2024
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Troy Andres, Gilton Valeo

Troy Andres, Gilton Valeo

Troy is a partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers, a progressive immigration law firm helping some of the world’s biggest brands build and manage their mobility workforce. 

Troy has been practising corporate immigration for over 20 years and loves helping clients navigate the complexity of global mobility and shaping the future of work.

Over two decades of practice, Troy has learnt that each business, and each person, is unique and what works in one particular situation may not necessarily work in another. He has worked with mining giants, start-ups and some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world, and has helped each grow through driving change and best practice. Although the strategies differ, the goal is always the same – seamless and fluid systems. 

Troy understands that workforce mobility is changing in real time and in a world of constant disruption, the traditional approaches to immigration will not suffice. Recognising this, he uses his commercial acumen in guiding companies with managing their risk profile and creating systems and protocols that enlighten both the business and the employee with respect to their rights and obligations under immigration law.

Helping a client is not just about giving advice. It is about solving deeper issues in how to manage their business commercially and legally when it comes to immigration.

Global businesses need fluidity in managing their talent to grow. However, fluidity only arises when there is alignment in all aspects of the employment process, from recruitment, to visa processing, onboarding, and compliance.

As a partner of the firm, Troy heads a team of equally driven and dedicated immigration lawyers.

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