April 22, 2024
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Wendy Barry, Tindall Gask Bentley

Wendy Barry’s entire legal career has centred on the challenges that people face when entering or separating from relationships.

Wendy’s accumulated Family Law experience has been built on a desire to help people through their most traumatic times.

She is well served by an ability to listen to her clients with sensitivity, and get straight to the heart of the most diverse and daunting matters.

Wendy’s advice on property matters has ranged from simple matters to multi Million dollar settlements, involving trusts, intricate company structures, and sometimes assets spread across the world.

In matters related to children, she helps parents to prepare care arrangements, and has kept abreast with evolving legislation.

Wendy provides advice on conflict resolution and directs clients to appropriate mediation services. She believes an ideal outcome is one where the parties are assisted to negotiate an appropriate resolution to their dispute, and the ongoing parental relationship between the parties is preserved, because regardless of separation the parties will need to have continuing communications with one another.

At varying stages of their relationships, Wendy has assisted married, non-married and samesex couples to create agreements for the protection of assets.

She is extensively experienced in preparing complex divorce applications and spousal maintenance agreements, and has lodged urgent court applications for maintenance payments.

(08) 8212 1077
76 Light Square
Adelaide, SA 5000
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South Australia

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