February 6, 2023
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Leading Employment & WHS Junior Counsel – Victoria, 2018

The 2018 listing of Leading Victorian Employment & WHS Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel practising within the areas of employment, industrial relations and workplace safety matters in the Victorian legal market who have been identified by the state’s employment and WHS law solicitors for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Richard Dalton, Dever’s List
Marc Felman, List A Barristers
Jonathan Forbes, Foley’s List


Brendan Avallone, Foley’s List
Jennifer Firkin, Dever’s List
Matthew Follett, Dever’s List
Nick Harrington, Foley’s List
Mark Rinaldi, Foley’s List
John Snaden, Aickin Chambers
Robyn Sweet, Dever’s List
Patrick Wheelahan, Dever’s List


Simone Bingham, List G Barristers
Nico Burmeister, Young’s List
Mark Champion, Foley’s List
Carmen Currie, Green’s List
Joel Fetter, List G Barristers
Rohan Millar, Foley’s List
Rebecca Davern, List G Barristers
Andrew Pollock, List G Barristers
Rebecca Preston, Dever’s List
Peter Rozen, Howells’ List
Stephen Russell, Holmes List
Deborah Siemensma, Dever’s List
Sam Stafford, Foley’s List
Robert Taylor, Holmes List
Jack Tracey, Dever’s List

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