March 29, 2023
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Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – British Columbia, 2021

The 2021 listing of leading British Columbia Family & Divorce Lawyers details British Columbia-based solicitors practising within the areas of family, divorce, parenting, spousal maintenance and matrimonial law matters in the Vancouver, Hamilton and other BC legal markets who have been identified by their peers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Scott Booth, Jenkins Marzban Logan
Paul Daykin QC, Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger
Lisa Hamilton QC, Hamilton Fabbro
Morag McLeod QC, Morag McLeod Family Lawyer


Paul Albi QC, DLA Piper
Diane Bell QC, Clark Wilson
Todd Bell, Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin
Trudi Brown QC, Brown Henderson Melbye
Stephanie Fabbro, Hamilton Fabbro
Lawrence Kahn, Kahn Zach Erlich Lithwick
Anna Laing, Farris LLP
Dinyar Marzban QC, Jenkins Marzban Logan


Kathryn Basran, Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin
Nancy Cameron QC, Nancy Cameron Law
Nikki Charlton, Farris LLP
Bev Churchill, Bev Churchill Law
Megan Ellis QC, Megan Ellis & Co
Briana Hardwick, Rush Ilhas Hardwick
Ian Hayward, Hayward Sheppard
Kevin Heinrichs, Henderson Heinrichs
Rain Henderson, Henderson Heinrichs
Jeffrey Kay QC, Farris LLP
Georgialee Lang, Georgialee Lang
Lorne MacLean QC, MacLean Family Law
Bea McCutcheon, Cook Roberts
Christine Murray, Cassells Murray
Karen Nordlinger QC, Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger
Jane Reid, Jenkins Marzban Loganw
Jeff Rose QC, Rose Family Laww
Fiona Rubin, Schuman Daltop Basran & Robin
Karen Shirley-Patterson, Farris LLP
Anna Silver, Silver Selinger
Angela Thiele, Lindsay Kenne

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