June 6, 2020
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Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Calgary, 2017

The 2017 listing of leading Calgary Family & Divorce Lawyers details Calgary-based lawyers practising within the areas of family, divorce, parenting, spousal maintenance and matrimonial law matters in the Alberta legal market who have been identified by their peers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Patricia Blocksom QC, Dunphy Best Blocksom
Kevin Hannah QC, Moe Hanna
Krysta Ostwald, WK Family Lawyers


Laurie Allen, Allen Hryniuk
Wendy Best QC, Dunphy Best Blocksom
Judy Boyes QC, Judy Boyes & Associates
Tamasine Davies, Soby Boyden Lenz
Rhoda Dobler, Dunphy Best Blocksom
Sherry Kachur QC, WK Family Lawyers
Caroline Lee QC, Dunphy Best Blocksom
Barbara Widdowson QC, WK Family Lawyers


Carolyn Allan, Matkovic Allan
Lonny Balbi QC, Balbi & Associates
Wayne Barkauskas, Wise Scheible Barkauskas
Louise Campbell, Campbell O’Hara
Deni Cashin, Daunias McKay + Harms
Wanda Dawson, WK Family Lawyers
Lindsay Ewens-Jones, Jones Divorce Law
Diane Harms QC, Daunias McKay + Harms
Sandra Hudson, WK Family Lawyers
Peter Hryniuk, Allen Hryniuk
Ronald Foster, Foster LLP
Kerry Krochak, Soby Boyden Lenz
Elaine Lenz, Soby Boyden Lenz
Matia Matovic, Matkovic Allan
Heather McKay, Daunias McKay + Harms
Doug Moe QC, Moe Hannah
Brad Mustard, Moe Hannah
Diana Richmond, RCMV Family Lawyers
Medina Schatz, Vogel Lawyers
Jennifer Shaften, Foster LLP
Gordon Sterchi, Soby Boyden Lenz
Victor Vogel QC, Vogel Lawyers

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