July 6, 2020
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Leading Family Law Junior Counsel – Australia, 2019

The 2019 listing of leading Australian Family & Divorce Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel practising within the areas of family law, matrimonial and custody matters across all Australian legal markets who have been identified by the nation’s family law solicitors for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Tedd Jordan, Win Paten Chambers – Brisbane
John Levy, Waratah Chambers – Sydney
Dan Sweeney, Holmes List – Melbourne


Peter Batey, Waratah Chambers – Sydney
James Linklater-Steele, 19 Inns Chambers – Brisbane
Patrick O’Shannessy, Holmes List – Melbourne
Christopher Othen, Waratah Chambers – Sydney
Marylyn Smallwood, Holmes List – Melbourne


Michael Alexander, Level 11 Inns of Court – Brisbane
Andrew Barbayannis, Holmes List – Melbourne
Jeff Bunning, Level 15 Inns of Court – Brisbane
Claire Cantrall, Waratah Chambers – Sydney
Mary-Anne Clifford, Culwulla Chambers – Sydney
Meredith Dickson, Elizabeth Evatt Chambers – Adelaide
David Dura, Waratah Chambers – Sydney
Gillian Eldershaw, Culwulla Chambers – Sydney
Rebecca Horsley, Win Paten Chambers – Brisbane
Richard Ingleby, Patterson’s List – Melbourne
Steven Jones, Francis Burt Chambers – Perth
Taanya Lewis, Elizabeth Evatt Chambers – Adelaide
Julian Millar, Fourth Floor Wentworth Chambers – Sydney
Joe Melilli, Holmes List – Melbourne
Chris Nehmy, Holmes List – Melbourne
Holly Renwick, Foley’s List – Melbourne
Tim Puckey, Dever’s List – Melbourne
Greg Shoebridge, 19 Inns Chambers – Brisbane
Mark Wilson, Holmes List – Melbourne
Matthew Wong, Waratah Chambers – Sydney

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