February 6, 2023
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Leading Insolvency & Restructuring Junior Counsel – Queensland, 2017

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The 2017 listing of leading Queensland Insolvency & Restructuring Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel practising in insolvency, restructuring, bankruptcy and debt recovery matters in the Queensland legal market who have been identified by Queensland’s insolvency and commercial litigation solicitors for their expertise and abilities in these areas.


Ed Goodwin, North Quarter Lane Chambers
John Peden, North Quarter Lane Chambers
Dan Piggott, Gerard Brennan Chambers


David de Jersey, Northbank Chambers
Gavin Handran, North Quarter Lane Chambers
Matt Jones, North Quarter Lane Chambers
Madelaine Luchich, North Quarter Lane Chambers
Dominic Pyle, Gerard Brennan Chambers
Michael Trim, Level Twenty Seven Chambers
David Turner, Gerard Brennan Chambers
Stewart Webster, Level Twenty Seven Chambers
Craig Wilkins, Level 10 Inns of Court


Daniel Butler, Gerard Brennan Chambers
Sean Cooper, Level 17 Chambers
Liam Copley, McPherson Chambers
Craig Coulsen, Level 16 Inns of Court
Graham Dietz, Bramwell Chambers
Patrick Hay, 35 West Chambers
Scott Hooper, Level 17 Quay Central
Chris Johnstone, Level Twenty Seven Chambers
Michael May, Level Twenty Seven Chambers
Catherine Muir, Burnett Lane Chambers
Bernard Porter, Northbank Chambers
Philip O’Higgins, Carbolic Chambers
Andrew Stumer, Level 16 Quay Central
Philip Tucker, Northbank Chambers

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