May 25, 2024
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Leading Insurance & Personal Injury Law Junior Counsel – Victoria, 2023

Paul Czarnota
Lachlan Allan
James Plunkett
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The 2023 listing of leading Victorian Insurance & Personal Injury Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel/Barristers practising within the areas of insurance, personal injuries and professional indemnity matters in the Victorian Insurance legal market who have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance and plaintiff personal injury lawyers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.  The ranked barristers may act for either or both of defendant insurers or individual plaintiffs/injured persons.


Andrew Dimsey, Dever’s List
Stella Gold, Lennon’s List
Paul Halley, Greens List


Lachlan Allan, Greens List
Paul Czarnota, Dever’s List
Peter Hamilton, Greens List
Rob Harper, Dever’s List
Adam Hill, Lennon’s List
David Seeman, Lennon’s List


Raph Ajzensztat, Dever’s List
Bruce Anderson, Lennon’s List
Emily Anderson, Lennon’s List
Marietta Bylhouwer, Lennon’s List
Yi-Chuan Chen, Lennon’s List
Michael K Clarke, Dever’s List
Gavin Coldwell, Lennon’s List
Gemma-Jane Cooper, Dever’s List
Jennifer Cowen, Dever’s List
Andrea de Souza, Greens List
Romesh Kumar, Foley’s List
Paul Lamb, Dever’s List
Simon Martin, Dever’s List
Conor O’Sullivan, Greens List
Patrick Over, Greens List
Luke Perilli, Greens List
James Plunkett, Lennon’s List
Craig Sidebottom, Lennon’s List
Tom Storey, Dever’s List

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