August 23, 2019
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Leading Insurance Senior Counsel – Victoria, 2018

The 2018 listing of leading Victorian Insurance & Personal Injury Senior Counsel details Queens Counsel and Senior Counsel practising within the areas of insurance, personal injuries and professional indemnity matters in the Victorian Insurance legal market who have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance and plaintiff personal injury lawyers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.  The ranked barristers may act for either or both of defendant insurers or individual plaintiffs/injured persons.


Michelle Britbart QC, Greens List
Michael Wilson QC, Foley’s List


David Curtain QC, Greens List
Ross Gillies QC, Dever’s List
James Gorton QC, Dever’s List
Geoffrey McCarthur QC, Patterson’s List
James Mighell QC, Dever’s List
Neil Murdoch, Dever’s List
Stephen O’Meara QC, Dever’s List
Michael Thompson QC, Lennon’s List


Roisin Annesley QC, Lennon’s List
Andrew Clements QC, Dever’s List
David Collins QC, Dever’s List
Jacinta Forbes, Dever’s List
Jeffery Gleeson QC, List A
Mary-Anne Hartley QC, Dever’s List
Áine Magee, Greens List
Daniel Masel SC, Foley’s List
John Noonan QC, Dever’s List
Stephen O’Meara, Dever’s List
Jack Rush QC, Lennon’s List
Jeremy Ruskin QC, Dever’s List
Paul Scanlon, Greens List
Tim Tobin QC, Lennon’s List
Chris Winnecke, Dever’s List

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