July 6, 2020
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Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyers – Queensland, 2018

The 2018 listing of leading Queensland Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyers details individuals who have been specifically highlighted for their expertise, abilities and experience in complex parenting/child custody issues and disputes.  These rankings also include individuals with experience acting as an independent Children’s Lawyer in relation to matters that may include, but are not limited to, family violence, physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children.  Individuals included in our broader Family Law rankings may also possess significant skill with respect to parenting matters however have not been identified for such.


Fiona Caulley, Phillips Family Law
Kirstie Colls, Barry.Nilsson.
Genevieve Dee, Cooper Grace Ward
Margie Kruger, Ryan Kruger
Lisa Lahey, HopgoodGanim
Orlena Moloney, BGM Family Lawyers
Rachael Murray, Hopgood Ganim
Anne-Marie Rice, Rice Naughton McCarthy


Deborah Awyzio, DA Family Lawyers
Damien Carter, Carter Farquar
Shannon Daykin, Daykin Family Law
Marie Dore, Barry.Nilsson.
Kay Feeney, Feeney Family Law
Lisa Foley, DA Family Lawyers
Julie Harrington, Harrington Family Lawyers
Amy Honan, Michael Lynch Lawyers
Stephen Page, Harrington Family Lawyers
Joseph Parker, Parker Family Law
Rebecca Parry, Parry Coates Family Law
Phillip Ridgway, Phillps Family Law
Judy Stewart, Stewart Family Law
Trent Waller, Waller Family Law

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