January 22, 2020
Doyle's Guide

Pricing Report – Employment & WHS, Melbourne 2016

Our Pricing Report for the Victorian Employment law market is only available to be viewed by paid subscribers.

What’s In The Reports

Each Doyle’s Guide Price Report is a 1-2 page document that includes:

  • General market commentary as to how market activity levels or firm composition etc affects price levels and trends;
  • A tabular display of Partner Hourly Rates and what percentage/portion of the market sits at each hourly rate level;
  • Commentary as to any correlation between hourly rate and firm or practitioner type;
  • Commentary as to the usage of alternative pricing methods as well as an outline of the popularity of all methods used.

Pricing Reports are available to purchase in digital format (as PDF)  which can then be distributed throughout the firm or your team for future use.

This Pricing Report comes at a cost of $49.95.  Simply purchase the report via Credit Card using PayPal online below and we’ll email you the access link that allows you to view the report within minutes.

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