September 29, 2023
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Pricing Report – Queensland Construction, 2015

There’s a high level of diversity in legal service provider types, sizes and style sin the Queensland construction law market however when it comes to pricing of such services this diversity makes way for conformity.  In comparison to a market such as NSW where pricing levels for construction lawyers were evenly spread across a spectrum of $300-$900 per hour Queensland’s construction lawyers found comfort in the middle and to boot sat as one of the lowest practice areas to accept/offer alternative pricing models.

Hourly Rate

63% of Queensland’s construction lawyers price themselves between  $500-$700 per hour with an even spread across this band and a general view that the high $500 per hour mark was acceptable to sophisticated clients.

Small to mid-sized contractors are well served on the pricing front with some 28% of firms listing rack rates under $500 per hour and $10% of firms under $400 per hour.

Queensland also appears to have a ceiling on price at or around the $700 per hour mark with only 9% of firms above $700 per hour in Queensland compared to  NSW where 24% of firms were above that level.

Alternative Pricing

Queensland construction lawyers certainly aren’t leading the way when it comes to moving away from hourly billing with 67% of individuals listing its use.  Taking into account the fact that front-end lawyers in larger firms almost universally offer and use alternative pricing on occasion Queensland’s back-end construction lawyers are decidedly committed to the hourly rate model.

For those who do use alternative billing, fixed price is king, esp on front end matters with stage based costing also frequent and also used on contentious matters.

23% of firms noted using a retainer style agreement which is above the above the Queensland average when compared to other practice areas and also high for construction lawyers nationally.

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