February 28, 2024
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Jane Miller, Tindall Gask Bentley

Jane Miller is one of Adelaide’s few Accredited Specialists in Family Law. It means, simply, that her expertise in this complex field stands apart.

Jane possesses significant skills in resolving legal issues surrounding the breakdown of relationships. She also helps clients to address matters which may arise at the start of relationships.

As an experienced Family Lawyer, Jane is aware of the direct impact her work has on clients’ personal lives. That’s why she aims to be a “legal companion”, helping to secure a resolution to stressful and heartbreaking problems.

Jane strives always to provide sensible, realistic and timely advice. When a client’s best interest is to keep a matter out of court, she uses her negotiation skills to seek a positive solution. It is her strong belief that minimising harm to the future relationship of the parties is crucial, especially where children are involved. When negotiation is not possible, her expertise as an Accredited Specialist comes to the fore in the courtroom.

Married, non-married and same-sex couples consult Jane for advice on property settlements, before and after separation. Jane has significant experience in settlements involving SMEs, complex asset structures and high net-worth individuals. For people contemplating marriage or entering de facto relationships, Jane advises on asset protection and draws up agreements.

Clients find her advice invaluable on child support, spousal maintenance, and divorce cases – including those complicated by family violence.

With Jane as your advocate, you can be assured that complex processes will be explained in a straightforward way, so you can make the right decisions about your future.

(08) 8212 1077
76 Light Square
Adelaide, SA 5000
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South Australia

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