February 27, 2024
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Tahlia Bleier, Steiner Legal

Tahlia Bleier

Tahlia is a Solicitor at Steiner Legal, a boutique family and relationships law firm located in Pyrmont, New South Wales.

Tahlia was recently the instructing solicitor in the High Court case regarding the parentage status of sperm donors, Masson & Parsons & Ors. Tahlia acted for the Appellant, Mr Masson. Tahlia won the case on behalf of her client in the High Court of Australia, and as a result her client was declared the legal parent of his daughter.

Tahlia regularly represent clients in family law parenting and property proceedings in the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia, appearing re at the Sydney Registry, Newcastle Registry and Parramatta Registry. Tahlia also appears interstate for her clients, where required.

Tahlia also often appears in the Supreme Court of NSW in probate, family provisions and surrogacy matters and conducts family law parenting and property mediations. Tahlia can issue section 60I certificates if required.

Tahlia understands the gravity and importance of the work she undertakes on behalf of her clients. She always strives to provide her clients with a high level of commitment and care, acknowledging that she is usually assisting them at the most difficult time in their life.

Tahlia is passionate about approaching matters in a conciliatory manner, focusing on avoiding costly and uncertain litigation. She believes that the majority of matters can be settled in an amicable manner and strives to ensure that is the case for every one of her clients.

Tahlia also has a keen interest in the area of sociology and social theory, borne out of her post graduate studies. Her knowledge in this area gives her a well-rounded understanding of law in the wider social perspective, including what motivates people’s actions and behaviour. She believes this assists her in understanding the best way to approach, and ultimately resolve matters on behalf of her clients.

100 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
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New South Wales

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