May 24, 2019
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Best Barristers Crime NSW

Leading Criminal Law Junior Counsel – New South Wales, 2017

The 2017 listing of leading New South Wales Criminal Law Junior Counsel details barristers practising in criminal law matters in the NSW legal market who have been identified by the state’s Criminal law solicitors for their expertise and abilities in the area.


Simon Buchen, Forbes Chambers
Troy Edwards, Forbes Chambers
April Francis, Forbes Chambers
Ragni Mathur, Maurice Byers Chambers


Steven Boland, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Arjun Chhabra, Maurice Byers Chambers
Angela Cook, Forbes Chambers
Peggy Dwyer, Forbes Chambers
Lester Fernandez, Forbes Chambers
Lisa-Claire Hutchison, Forbes Chambers
Peter Lange, Maurice Byers Chambers
AJ Karim, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers


Ken Averre, Forbes Chambers
David Barrow, Forbes Chambers
William Brewer, Samuel Griffith Chambers
Mark Dennis, Forbes Chambers
Avni Djemal, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Kirsten Edwards, Forbes Chambers
Peter Gow, Elizabeth St Chambers
Felicity Graham, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Stephen Lawrence, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Michel Pickin, Samuel Griffith Chambers
Richard Pontello, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Tom Quilter, Public Defenders Chambers
Rebekah Rodger, Maurice Byers Chambers
Greg Scragg, Frederick Jordan Chambers
Jack Tyler-Stott, Elizabeth St Chambers

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