September 24, 2021
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Leading Insurance Junior Counsel – Queensland, 2018

The 2018 listing of leading Queensland Insurance & Personal Injury Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel/Barristers practising within the areas of insurance, personal injuries and professional indemnity matters in the Queensland legal market who have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance and plaintiff personal injury lawyers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.  The ranked barristers may act for either or both of defendant insurers or individual plaintiffs/injured persons.


Brett Charrington, More Chambers
Kevin Holyoak, Callinan Chambers
Jessica McClymont, Clashfern Chambers
Richard Morton, Clashfern Chambers


John Kimmins, Level 8 Inns of Court
Andrew Luchich, Jeddart Chambers
Richard Lynch, More Chambers
Gerry Mullins, Darrow Chambers
Dominic Murphy, 31 West Chambers
Gerard O’Driscoll, Clashfern Chambers


Damien Atkinson, 31 West Chambers
Wallace Campbell, Level 18 Chambers
Simon Cilento, Jeddart Chambers
Steven Deaves, Old Supreme Court Chambers
Sean Farrell, Callinan Chambers
Peter Feely, Level 9 Inns of Court
Matthew Forbes, Cedric Hampson Chambers
Steve Gray, More Chambers
Guy Hampson, Level 18 Chambers
Craig Harding, Jeddart Chambers
Keith Howe, Level 10 Inns of Court
Nathan Jarro, Clashfern Chambers
Michael Kehoe, Level 17 Inns of Court
Anthony Mellick, MacArthur Chambers
Mark O’Sullivan, Level 12 Inns of Court
David Schneidewin, Callinan Chambers
Andrew Stobie, McPherson Chambers
Paul Telford, Level 7 Inns of Court
Jeremy Wiltshire, Level 12 Inns of Court


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