December 2, 2021
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Leading Professional Indemnity Junior Counsel – Victoria, 2020

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Alex Golding
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The 2020 listing of leading Victorian Professional Indemnity Junior Counsel details Junior Counsel/Barristers practising within the areas of professional indemnity and professional negligence matters in the Victorian Insurance legal market who have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance and plaintiff personal injury lawyers for their expertise and abilities in these areas. 

Market Leader

Roslyn Kaye, Greens List


Rob Harper, Dever’s List
Matthew Hooper, Dever’s List
David Klempfner, Foley’s List
Dugald McWilliams, Dever’s List


Paul Halley, Greens List
John Tesarsch, Dever’s List
Daniel Wallis, Dever’s List


Gemma-Jane Cooper, Dever’s List
Andrew Dimsey, Dever’s List
Fiona Ellis, Dever’s List
Shaun Gladman, Dever’s List
Alexandra Golding, Young’s List
Paul Lamb, Dever’s List
Angus Macnab, Lennon’s List
Bruce McKenzie, Greens List
Sandip Mukerjea, Dever’s List
Fiona Ryan, Greens List
Fiona Spencer, Greens List

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