August 9, 2022
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Pricing Report – Corporate, Queensland 2012

 This listing details pricing trends and levels within the Queensland corporate, M&A and capital raising legal services markets.  It is compiled on the back of feedback from clients and solicitors practising within these areas.

Pricing levels across the Queensland corporate legal services market remain strong yet extremely competitive.  An almost universal acceptance of the requirement to provide a fee estimate (which is expected to be the equivalent of an absolute cap on fees) as part of a the “beauty parade” before most major matters continues to see the true pricing differential between the larger firms and mid to smaller sized operators as not that great.

Interestingly the Queensland market appears to have experienced a fall in a risk sharing approach between firms and clients.  While some speculated that this may be due to a reduction in tyre kicking M&A deals that was the case in the early stages of the GFC others also thought it a sign of a firms increasing awareness of the pitfalls of such arrangements from a profitability perspective.

Partner Hourly Rates Outline

Victorian Property Pricing (Hourly Rates)


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