September 22, 2023
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Pricing Report – Corporate, Queensland 2013

 The 2013 Queensland Corporate Pricing Report details market factors, trends and other matters relevant to the pricing of legal services as well as recorded and suggested pricing levels. It is compiled on the back of feedback from both solicitors practising within these areas and client referees.


While the below table is likely to give the impression of downward trend in hourly rates with the Queensland corporate market it should also be placed into the context of practitioners more keenly seeking to price their services at a level that encourages a more steady stream of transaction work into their practice.

In truth most firms we happy to consider and implement well scoped fixed price work on the majority of corporate transactions and, as such hourly rates, may well be considered an incorrect indicator of pricing competitiveness.  Certainly Queensland’s corporate practices tend to be far less likely to adopt a highly leveraged model than was historically the case however, unlike Southern markets, comments in relation to legal process outsourcing were few and far between,


Queensland Family & Divorce Law Partner Pricing (Hourly Rates)

Hourly RateBrisbane Market ShareToowoomba Market ShareGold Coast Market ShareNth Queensland Market Share
Under $3000%0%0%3%
$300 - $3502%4%4%13%
$350 - $4004%28%14%36%
$400 - $45024%55%27%43%
$450 - $50032%0%32%5%
$500 - $55020%8%11%0%
$550 - $60012%0%6%0%
$600 - $6504%0%0%0%
$650 - $7002%0%4%0%
$700 - $7500%0%0%0%
$750 - $8000%0%2%0%

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