January 26, 2020
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Pricing Report – Employment & WHS, Melbourne 2016

The broad variety of service offerings in the Victorian employment law market is matched with an equally broad range of pricing levels and models.

Hourly Rates

With 49% of the market setting an hourly rate between $500-$600 per hour there’s a healthy level of “mid-tier’ style pricing options available to clients.  That said with only 2% of the market sitting under $500 per hour the options for “cheap” and quality employment law advice in the Melbourne are limited.

Melbourne Employment & WHS Lawyers Pricing (Hourly Rates)

Hourly RateMarket Share

Alternative Pricing

With some 83% of Melbourne’s employment lawyers offering pricing models outside of the hourly rate the city sits slightly behind Sydney (92%) in the use of alternative pricing.

Of those who do offer alternative pricing 100% use fixed price  and 76% use capped fees.  A comparatively low 7% of the market offer performance based fees.  Of most note though was that 62% of the market use retainer-style agreements with clients (compared to an average of 30% across other practice areas).

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